Meet Caitlin

Caitlin Wicker has always reserved a big place in her heart for stuffed animals. As a little girl, she was never seen without her favorite toy, a raccoon puppet aptly named “Raccoonie.” Still enchanted by the unique personalities her toys seemed to have when she was a child, Caitlin understands how real these fuzzy friends feel to their young owners.

While earning her degree in Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Caitlin was inspired to design a pattern for her very first stuffed animal: a tapir. With a little help from her mother, she learned to sew, and quickly set to work refining and improving her patterns and technique. Since then, she has added many different creatures to her repertoire, as well as pillows, fabric and metal mobiles, and other creative, useful personal and home products.

An avid thrifter, using recycled materials in her designs comes second nature to Caitlin. All products are designed with love in Brooklyn, NY and are made locally when possible.